Traffic Ticket Law Basics

Here’s a three-step method that can keep traffic tickets from costing you more money on your insurance every month. There are two main reasons for the increase in auto insurance rates. These are car accidents and moving tickets or traffic violations. If you’re in an automobile accident, you can do little more than just wait it out. The good news is that the accident will drop off your driving record in three years time. The second bit of good news is that if you have just one accident or one ticket, many auto insurance companies do not raise insurance prices. But if you get a second ticket, or have a second accident, you’ll see the price rise. Here’s something that many states allow their citizens to do to keep the auto insurance from through. Do you want to learn more? Visit Springfield Ticket Lawyer. You can take a defensive driving class, also called a traffic school, instead of allowing traffic tickets to go to your driving record and stay there for three years, and the court will dismiss the ticket. A ticket that has been dismissed will never appear on your driving record so it can not increase the price of your insurance. In fact, some insurance companies have recognized that taking the school can actually reduce your chances of an accident so that they can give you as much as ten percent discount on your insurance rates.

Taking a class before the internet meant you would have to take a day off work or spend a whole saturday at the clinic. Most schools require course time of about six hours. Now, you can take the online courses and avoid missing work or losing a saturday. Instead you can watch the video presentation to get the work done on the required course and take a test. Pass the test and you will receive a certificate in the mail for going to the traffic court and one for going to your insurance company. State legislation also sets the minimum a school can charge. Some states allow the schools to charge the class as little as 25 dollars. That is already a saving in its own right over what you would have to pay to meet the ticket requirement.

Most states have laws which give directions on how often a ticket can be rejected by taking school. In Florida, for example, tickets are discarded only once every twelve months. The insurance discount will last three years though. The discount is good enough that, although they may not need it for a ticket, there are many people who actually take the class, but to get the three-year discount on insurance costs. Since you never know when an accident could happen, the best plan is to take the class whenever you get a ticket, if possible. By keeping your driving record clean, you have some room to keep your insurance costs down in case an accident happens.

If you already have a ticket or accident on your record, you ‘re sure to want to take the class to keep that second ticket from raising your insurance rate. Often the increase in insurance rates will mean that you are paying almost as much in the increase of the insurance rate as you are paying for the ticket, you only have to make the insurance payment each month and the ticket charge is only once. But, if you consider paying the ticket and keeping your free time free, note that this option will cost you three years each month. That is thirty-six monthly payments which may be two to three times the insurance price you would normally pay. There are also times the court may order drivers to take a class to avoid losing their license. Most states have a point system, and it costs you a certain number of points for every accident or ticket on your driving record. If you have more points than approved, your driving right is revoked. The court can therefore give you the option to take school or lose your licence.