Reason To Buy Moon Cakes

During Mid Autumn Season, that is, the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, the moon is at its maximum and roundest. It is approximately the same date as the solar calendar’s Autumn and Spring Equinoxes. In ancient days, farmers mark the conclusion of the summer crop at the Mid Autumn Festival.Do you want to learn more? visit Emicakes has the best deals

The roundness of the moon symbolizes celebration typically at this festival season for the Chinese and the families to come together. For certain countries the Mid Autumn Festival is proclaimed a national holiday.

When I was younger, we would have moon cakes (a sort of fruit cake made from lotus seed paste or red bean paste as filling with nuts and salted egg yolks), steam yam and pomelos after dinner out in the veranda while we gaze up to the sky and admire the roundest, brightest night. I ‘d look at the stars and constellations, and have a ton of queries. And under the moonlight night we’ll talk and play with our hand-made lanterns.

In addition to the lanterns, the Moon cakes take center stage at the Mid Autumn Festival. The that moon cakes helped to bring in the Han Chinese revolt against the reigning Mongolians as legend has it.

A Han rebel planned a plan to topple the Mongolians by inserting messages inside the round moon cakes and sending them on to friends far and far under the pretext of preserving the Mongolian Emperor’s immortality. The letter found in the moon cake includes the strategy and date to battle the Mongolians. The revolt turned the Mongolians down on the 15th of the eight month and began the Yuan empire (as history had it).

This is a mystery how imagination has used something very simple and common to make amazing things possible. It’s no wonder that desperation breeds creativity! What despair and limitation are you facing today? What is it you’re trying to achieve? Perhaps the desire for achievement gives you the imagination and the courage to overcome your doubts and weaknesses.

When you stroll down China Town today you will find different kinds of modernized moon cakes. Yeah, we also have moon cakes with “iced-skin” (best held cool in the fridge) and moon cakes with chocolate (where East meets West). This only goes to prove how much imagination is still alive today!

When you’ve got a moment this season you may like to gaze at the moon and the stars and learn what messages they’ve sent to you. The whole world is alive to teach us things, if only we raise our ears and learn.

Mid Autumn Season, or full moon, involves farming and offering thanks to others and reuniting with others. I’m going to raise my eyes to the moon this season and I hope that members of my family in faraway lands should look to the same moon and experience the same blessings. So they’ll say “somewhere out there beneath the blinding light of the sky, somebody’s dreaming of you and giving you plenty of love tonight …”

Web conversations and video conferencing do not take the place of automatically received letters. Try to let nature speak to you daily, in imaginative ways.

Create a great Moon Cake or Mid Autumn Festival and live long imagination!