Importance Of Humanity In Karate

Karate was modeled on the Kendo and Judo style. It was intended to be in itself a’ style’ of martial arts, but this has never occurred, perhaps because of WW2, or other reasons may exist. In either scenario, Shotokan-Ryu, Wado-Ryu and Shito-Ryu were created by the initial school System. Goju-Ryu was developed much later, and many years after the original Itosu karate program was accepted into the Okinawa school system. Visit Absolute Martial Arts.

If Jujutsu had not been revamped into Judo, and Kenjutsu into Kendo, both techniques would not have endured. The modern world had focused on them. Similarly, Okinawa ‘ Te’ was not common and perceived by the general population to be a violent practice, the more advanced karate school flourished, and was responsible for promoting this Okinawan Martial School, although in a different way.

Itosu understood that education was the answer, and that morality and awareness came with knowledge, and less need for civil self-defence. Okinawa has no sport coordinated like we know it today and an fitness routine like karate for his part was a clever piece of creativity. Karate was to be a group training system, an intellectual endeavor to encourage morality and, may it be required, a road back to violent self-defence.

Sadly, karate has been a competitive and leisure practice taught both high and low-ranking men. So few realize what they are doing, so rely mainly on all the wrong things. Physical techniques are not well understood so the fundamentals of kata are taught as the basis of karate. The human aspects are seldom discussed or taught through the dojo kun and only paid lip service.

Karate was established in Okinawa, a tiny backward country at the time, with so few people participating, and we somehow find that they have created a complete program that will allow one to beat 4, 8 or more of them. The karate key is common sense and a mixture of physical exercise and mental (bunburyodo) research.

Selling Karate as a food is one of the errors created now, it’s not something that can be purchased and consumed like a hamburger. You pay for the experience, expertise and willingness of others to pass on valuable details on how to achieve safety, nutrition, participate and protect yourself in competition. You charged a tax in favor of an educational facility.