The Wonders Performed by a Cosmetic Dentist

Today, even the ugliest smile will do wonders for a cosmetic dentist.TLC Dental The most impossible mouth can look normal again, from braces to teeth whitening, repairing chipped teeth to tooth-colored fillings! There are so many possibilities:

Teeth blanking

The whitening of teeth is a common operation performed by a cosmetic dentist. A number of products such as cigarettes (smoking or chewing cigarettes), alcohol, soda, wine, coffee , tea or simply bad dental hygiene stain the teeth. Teeth whitening is a common treatment because people want a pearly white smile without giving up their loved beverages and habits.

Dental Furniture

When teeth become severely discolored, bleach whitening may not do the trick. With it comes the dental veneer, a plastic laminate or porcelain that sticks to the tooth’s front surface. If you’ve not had success with traditional bleaching procedures, dental veneers are a great option.

Indirect fillings / Inlays

These types of fillings are much more tooth-like than the silver filling which typically fills a cavity in the whole. Inlays and onlays are molded into a mold of your teeth, then they are fixed in your mouth by the dentist Usually they are made from either plastic or porcelain, both of which are a natural tooth color.

Composite Collage

Bonding is used to repair chipped, broken, discolored or decayed teeth. If a tooth is chipped, there is no reason to miss the part of the tooth for the remainder of your life. A cosmetic dentist may add composite bonding material to the tooth and re-appear it whole. Composite is incredibly durable once hardened by light of high intensity. It can also be used to repair a broken tooth, fill in decayed teeth parts or cover a tooth that does not respond to bleach treatment with whitening.

Smile Cosmetics

A smile makeover puts together the many components of cosmetic dentistry to create the very best smile! The dentist will sit down with you to decide what kinds of whitening, veneers, fillings, bonding and other procedures are needed. Sometimes you can use braces and other orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile, too. Braces are often part of a full mouth reconstruction recommended by your cosmetic dentist depending on any functional problems he may encounter with your bite, teeth or jaws.

Dentist’s implants

When old age catches up, teeth also start cracking and falling apart. Also when you’re younger, your teeth can loosen and fall out. You can opt to have dental implants inserted instead of handling a blank spot in your jaw. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that includes the root to replace the missing tooth and repair the smile!

A long way from the dentures and silver fillings, cosmetic dentistry has come! Missing teeth can be replaced with amazingly realistic new teeth, missing teeth can be fixed with a tooth-colored plastic material, crocked teeth can be straightened within a few years using multiple Health Training Research techniques, and yellowed teeth can be blanched again!