How can you prevent a bed bug infestation

As far back as early Greece and early medieval times in Europe Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs was a human problem. The war against these insects was won almost successfully in the United States during the 40’s and 50’s with frequent use of the pesticides DDT, virtually annihilating the tiny blood sucking insect. However, this chemical was prohibited decades later because it was found to have adverse effects on the environment, and threatened the survival of many species of animals.official site to read more.

The ban on DDT has changed the way we treated the little critics and has led to a revival in the bed bug population over the past several years as they have started making a comeback targeting not only our homes, but also restaurants, theaters and many other businesses. This rising infestation is quickly becoming a serious problem being a case in point in several urban areas of New York, as it looks like it is America’s most affected city.

Areas where the atmosphere appears to be warm and dry are the ideal habitat for bed bugs. Given that man is able to provide just these conditions as warm heated buildings that are best suited to these creatures, this points out in part why these creatures have been able to extend their scope far into colder northern climates.

What do bed bugs eat bed bugs get their nourishment by feeding on blood and when you’re asleep they will prey on you or your pets. Bed bugs Bites are similar to other bites of insects which cause itching, inflammation and redness on the person’s bitten skin. One good thing though is that the tiny insects don’t spread dangerous diseases to humans or animals; but for some people a bed bug could potentially cause severe symptoms of allergy that could lead to anaphylactic shock!

How to get rid of bed bugs Many insects are temperature sensitive and bed bugs are no different they are sensitive to freezing cold and hot temperatures as a result of which a safe and effective technique is to use temperature to get rid of bed bug infestations There are pest control professionals who use steam machines to treat mattresses and furniture and cold gases on electronic equipment to killhi

So What Options Do You Have To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs First Reduces as much clutter as you can so you can locate certain blood sucking requirements with less effort. Using a vacuum cleaner once you’ve found them to clean sheets, cloth products, stuffed toys, shoes, jackets… Wash these in about 160 degrees Fahrenheit hot water to get rid of any insects the vacuum cleaner wasn’t getting and also kill any eggs or hatchlings to little to see what might be on your clothing.

Next remove your mattress and box spring, remove the frame of your bed to expose all the crevices where the insects can hide. Vacuum these areas and clean them completely with a product like Eco Living Friendly or All-Stop-Contact-Killing-Spray which are Non Toxic Eco Friendly Bed Bug Killers.

In comparison to pesticides, these insect control items are 100% Eco-friendly and safe to use for kids and pets, schools, restaurants, the office and, of course, home or house. They are specially made using natural ingredients, and are premixed to allow you to use it immediately. They also have an effective handling of scabies, mites, lice, fleas and other insect problems.

Switch your eye to your mattress and box spring now; test each item for any tears or openings as they build entry ways to live and breed bed bugs. When such creatures are discovered to be hidden in your mattress and/or box spring what should usually be done is to use a controlled pesticide to kill them; but as there are limits on the use of pesticide, a safer choice is to use Mattress Cover and a Box Spring Cover to cover your mattress and box spring completely. You can also spray these items with the natural products discussed above, and with the right cover when dry sealing through.

Turning your focus now to your furnishings, take the draws out of your desk, night stand and dresser; inspect the furniture inside and out and clean all likely areas where the bugs are likely to hide again with an environmentally friendly 100% Natural Bed Bug Killer.