Safe and Comfortable – 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

Have you ever heard of a mattress made from natural latex foam? While it has not been so popular in the United States as memory foam, this foam that is made of latex sap taken from rubber trees is actually a much better material for use in mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are made using polyurethane foam, a highly flammable petroleum based product. Read on for more detail on the inborn health features of natural latex mattresses.You may want to check out Mattress-Atlanta Furniture Direct for more.

Firefighters have in fact branded the polyurethane foam used in most of the mattresses as “solid gasoline.” That stuff burns so horrifyingly that by 2006 each state in the U.S. had written strict standards of resistance into its laws. In comply with these rules, manufacturers of memory foam products have been required to increase the quantity of chemicals, known as PDBEs, which they use to make their fire resistant mattresses.

Most consumers don’t have any idea polyurethane mattresses are so unsafe and pose such a fire threat. Fire hazard is not the worst problem these mattresses have, however. In addition, the PDBEs added to these mattresses to make them more resistant to fire can build up in the body in much the way PCBs do and are believed to cause cancer and other illnesses. While the use of PDBEs has been banned in Europe, the US has not yet done so. Medical research indicates that while you are sleeping these dangerous chemicals move through your skin into your bloodstream. After eight or more hours of lying on that mattress night after night, these scientists believe they are building up an epidemic of cancer for years to come.

By banning PDBEs and changing to natural latex mattresses, the Europeans have already solved that problem. These mattresses are made from materials which comply with all current fire codes. Natural latex foam is a natural fire retardant, and the most widely used mattresses in Europe are now much healthier than those used by the majority of Americans by quilting the mattresses with organic cotton and wool which are also fire resistant materials.

Nor is latex foam a bad choice. You can buy mattresses which use it in different densities, creating different factors of firmness. Cold memory foam doesn’t have the properties that cause it to mold to body contours, but this isn’t a latex foam issue. The level of comfort of 100 per cent natural latex foam mattresses is exceptionally high as the material acts to ease pressure points and boost circulation. This is also a very durable material, with a few latex mattresses that last for up to 30 years. An extra bonus is that you don’t have to transform a plastic pad, because it’s so durable.

Latex mattresses need a firmer base than the conventional bed frame used with a spring mattress and box. Many of the choices that provide fantastic alternatives include platform beds and solid wood or slat foundations. The two foundations have the same look as box springs, but they are surmounted with either wooden slats or fabric-covered plywood and provide a much stronger base for the mattress.

Manufacturing firms in North America manufacture 100 per cent natural and chemical-free latex mattresses. The American Vivetique-the Crown City Mattress and the Canadian Obasan are two of those. Numerous latex mattresses are imported from Europe into the United States. The largest of those importers is Big Sleep, a Belgian business.

In your region you will be able to find mattress stores selling a range of natural latex mattresses, and there are also online retailers like Dax Stores offering great deals on the best, most comfortable mattresses you’ve ever checked out.