Local SEO Guide

Health care providers are one of the winners of the big change. Potential patients often use geographic search engines to find more accurate data and knowledge in a city or neighborhood they are in about nearby healthcare providers. When you are a health care provider and you are not in the top ranking of local search engine listings then you are losing a lot of potential customers in your area because your rivals are enjoying the untapped market share as they have made significant efforts to make their web presence known at the top of the local search engine rankings.

Similar to most SEO activities, it can be more complicated and time consuming but very satisfying to geo-target local consumers. Nonetheless, you can use a few basic local seo tactics that will help you get the bulk traffic leads to your website for health care.

Here are some simple Local SEO guides to get you started: Evaluate all your possible service area and community-focused content to improve your local SEO campaign by incorporating regional targeted keywords into the content of your website. Wherever possible, you should bring information about your local health care service area to make sure the content’s readability is not compromised. You can include towns, states, or regions in your keywords so that through search engines you can help potential customers find their company.

Display your physical contact information prominently Because this is the bridge between you and your local website users, your physical address where you practice locally can be easily visible in five seconds and it is very important to emphasize this. Don’t forget to make sure every page contains your contact information. The best practice is to put your contact information in the header or footer. Second, this is why you do local SEO marketing so that people can visit your physical healthcare office.

Use your web presence in local business listings Local SEO uses free local business listings from search results and Local Google, Local Yahoo and Bing are the big three you can rely on. There are other local search engines, but these three are nice to start with and will help improve traffic on your website in the area you work.Target industry specific web directories as well as local search engines There are geographically oriented local search engines like Local.com, Ask City and TrueLocal.com. These are excellent for targeting your local SEO activities to the regional market.

Geo-graphic information needs to be incorporated into Meta Tags This is the onpage aspect of local SEO optimization. Putting geo-target information in the Meta tags of your site will tell the search engine robots when they crawl your site to position you in a particular category and listing geography. Yeah, there are very strong search engines like Google and Yahoo on that.