Important Information About Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

For individuals wishing to become a physical therapy assistant or PTA, a two year Associate Degree is required. Over two hundred accredited physical therapy programs exist in the United States. To become a licensed assistant in physical therapy, all classes have to be taken from an accredited programme.If you’re looking for more tips, Physical Therapy near me has it for you.

To be accepted to a curriculum or course, it must be approved by the Accreditation Commission or CAPTE. Such accreditation means that the qualified teachers can obtain standard instructional classes from the students.

Accepting to a PTA system Having a high grade point average in high school can increase the chances of a student getting admitted into a PTA group. It’s also important to take as many math and science classes as possible while at high school. It is highly recommended to perform volunteer work in some healthcare field as this also helps applicants to be accepted into the programme.

Required Courses Since programs are not all the same, there are no sets of required universal pre-requisite courses. However, based on an American Physical Therapy Association survey, most programs require courses in the following fields: English, Biology, General Psychology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Anatomy. In addition, many programs require students to do some volunteer work in a Physical Therapy Department.

Personal considerations Since accredited programs are available throughout the country, taking into account all the different options is very important. The school size and the instructors experience are important considerations. Another aspect to consider is whether the program has all the latest training materials and equipment available.

Online Classes Some programs have classes on line. But, the American Association of Physical Therapy bans accreditation for fully online PTA programs. The reason is that students need practical clinical experience working with clients, as well as physical therapists who work personally. The association will approve physical therapy assistant programs which have some of the online classes of their program, as long as they require students to attend in-person practice labs.

Fast-Track Programs Some assistant programs have accelerated opportunities so that in less than two years students can graduate. Many of those PTA programs offer online courses that can be taken throughout the year. They also provide convenient times for the required laboratory work being carried out in person.

Specific information on the program It is a great idea to contact the school admissions office to learn more about their PTA programme. Applicants can have their questions answered with counselors and other students. Most schools offer their campus tours so that new students get an understanding of what it’s like to attend classes there.

Financial assistance Most schools will have a financial assistance office, along with a website that explains what kind of assistance and scholarships are offered for their physical therapy assistant program. For more details on government college financial aid, go to the U.S. Department of Education website.