How to Restore Etching on Marble Countertops

Unlike stains, discolouration and water spots, it can be even more difficult to fix etching on marble countertops. It is mainly because the marble corroding results from etch marks due to acidic objects, such as chemical cleaning solutions or acidic fruits. Checkout Marble Etching for more info.

Marble etching is actually quite common on kitchen countertops and vanities in the bathroom. The main reason for this is that most people do not realize that conventional, household cleaners will actually damage the marble surface over time. As the acids penetrate the marble stone, the surface gradually becomes corroding and the marble color greatly dulls. And since marble is a softer natural stone, the chance of etching is even greater compared to alternatives in granite and slate countertops.

When you find etch marks on your marble countertop or vanity surfaces, decide first how the etching occurred. Identifying the cause of marble etch marks will help you avoid this happening in the future. You would then want to assess the extent or seriousness of the marble etching. A designated marble gloss restorer or polisher may usually restore minor etch marks. Nonetheless, you may need to invest in a marble restoration kit with extreme etching instances to buff and finish the countertop surface.

D.I.Y. Removes Etch Marks from Marble

Through equipping yourself with the right equipment and materials for marble repair, you can remove etch marks from marble without having to spend hundreds on restore services. Investing in a specially made marble gloss restoreur is an economical alternative. Most stone restore compounds are formulated with advanced polishing powders and harmless extracts which effectively restore light scratches and marks of minor etching. Most marble restorer products cost between $15-30 and are fairly easy to apply, depending on the quality of the compound.

A restoration or refinishing kit can be needed in cases of severe marble etching. Typical marble restoration kits do-it-yourself provide buffering and finishing devices as well as gloss restorer compounds to fully recreate the natural stone surface. Although most marble refinishing or restore kits range from $150-300, the cost of a kit is much less costly compared to hiring a professional to do the job.

The best defence is to be conscious of how to clean and secure your marble countertops. While the etching can still be repaired on natural stone countertops and vanities, careful care and maintenance is the best way to protect against etch marks.