How To Care For Your Marble Counter?

In the past decade or so, Natural Stones have been in sight, as all the luxury houses, kitchen remodeling and luxurious condos have sought success with marble and granite. This replaced the conventional counter tops that have become antique, stained, plastic, or silicone laminates. But this has inherently left a great concern to maintain with time the looks of this marble or granite, and to keep its appearance new every time, for marble counters.

It is a well-known fact that granite is stronger and more durable than marble. This is also solvent tolerant and has a potential to tolerate higher temperatures. Unlike the other rock, it doesn’t break or fall too quickly. In contrast, marble is softer than granite, its chemical resistant properties are limited, and even lemon or vinegar can cause damage.

Granite is surprisingly more porous than marble which poses a problem.

So, how do I protect my counter top with granite or marble? The answer to that is quite simple, the first step would be a stone sealant application before a professional installs the counter. Porous granite may accumulate liquids such as water, gasoline, and other liquids which can show as stains or markings. The application of the sealant does not have any room for such occurrence; it is best to perform this sealing operation on your granite and marble once a year. Sealants are available in a spray or liquid form, and usually the application procedure is clearly indicated on a bottle. Third, there are a range of granite and marble-specific cleaning materials that are readily accessible on the market. Evite the daily cleaners for your granite and marble to the extent possible.

With this vigilance and commitment, you might take control of your costly granite and marble floors, holding them sparkling brand fresh for years to come, leaving your guests in awe.