Fire Extinguisher Servicing For The Home And Business

Everybody knows that in the home, or even in the company, fire extinguisher service is sometimes ignored. Let me ask you a question; what if you were to catch fire at home or business and your extinguisher was just empty? If you took care of fire extinguisher service this could not happen.Have a look at Fire Risk Assessment to get more info on this.

You will ensure extinguisher operation is done at least once a year. I know that squeezing enough time out of your day can be hard; doing a task that seems like you’d be able to live it out. But the fact is that if your house should catch fire, you can’t live with it.

If it’s necessary to mark it on the calendar once a year, schedule your fire extinguisher service, and if you don’t have the time to arrange it, then delegate the task to a staff. For this kind of extra responsibility, there is always one employee who will enjoy. If you have to make it fun for them, just make sure it gets done.

There are many reasons to keep your appliances in the fire, and there are no real reasons not to. It helps to maintain a safe working environment and makes employees feel that they are really concerned about their safety and well-being.

Why is fire extinguisher service required?

Because it is required by law that you properly maintain your safety appliances

To ensure your workers are safe in the event of a fire

To ensure that the equipment operates properly

By regulation, you must have your appliances serviced at least once per year

If you need it, it won’t be empty or malfunctioning

A fire extinguisher is not a wall decoration, it is a serious piece of fire fighting equipment that needs to be cared for. Different devices use different types of chemicals to combat different kinds of fires, you need to think about what kind of fire in your home or office could start.

A water-filled extinguisher is excellent at fighting a fire that is caused by wood, paper , textiles or cloth. This form of extinguisher would do nothing else than spread a grease fire, so for a kitchen, or auto repair shop, it is probably no good choice. It could actually make matters worse.

You should always keep an eye on your extinguishers, there should be a sticker to say when this was done if they had their fire extinguisher service done recently. The tag will tell you when and by whom the last fire extinguisher was serviced.