Dr Kristian van Mourik – The Key to Perfect Teeth

Can you believe they’ve got such amazing genes and have been raised that way?

I can assure you they were surely not! Their deity or goddess like tooth were the product of thousands of dollars invested at a dental plastic surgeon.You may want to check out Dr Kristian van Mourik Jaw Specialist for more.

Your typical dentist’s attention is on ensuring that the quality of your teeth and the surrounding environment is perfect. We test, treat, and avoid the gum and oral cavity conditions and illnesses.

A dental plastic specialist is primarily concentrated on the beauty aspect of the teeth. Their goal is to make the smile appear as humanly beautiful and desirable as possible.

Why will they have this done? The key techniques used include: whitening of teeth, forming of enamels, veneers and lifts of gums.

Whitening is one of the most common and least costly approaches these trained physicians apply. This effectively adds a different form of bleach to the teeth that blanches them. Over time, alcohol, caffeine, and other kinds of food will color the teeth, turning them shiny again. This method does not improve the dentures form but does benefit their shine.

Enamel formation is a very commonly employed method where someone has a crack between his teeth. This requires scraping a tiny part of the teeth’s exterior surface to establish a good smooth feel. Its painless, and making the dentures appear symmetrical at the edges.

Gum lifts are for those with very gummy teeth sadly. Its incredibly unattractive and a huge barrier to a perfect smile. In this operation the cosmetic surgeon must lift the gum tissue, give it a more natural look and surgically contour it.

Veneers are small laminates of porcelain that do go over the bones. This is probably one of the best ways to get your teeth healthy without wearing the braces. Veneers are placed on top of a tooth, glued to them, and lined with a back substance to avoid deterioration of the tooth. This is perhaps the most favored operation of most cosmetic dentists, because if broken, it is easy to replace its such and simple treatment and veneers.

Many of Hollywood’s actors once had ugly teeth. Es impressive when you think about the technology available to these experts to fix some form of flaw or misalignment. A professional cosmetic dentist’s skilful hands will transform the worst-looking mouth into something stunning.