Bail Bonds – Finding a Legitimate Agent

When you face the possibility of spending more than one or two nights in prison then you’re definitely going to try out just about every way out. To get out and spend your time with your family between court hearings at home and your own cozy bed, you must have an advocate who can convince the judge to let you do that. When you don’t have the money sitting in your bank account, bail bonds are the way to do that. It can be difficult to find the right agent and it is not always something that you have plenty of time to do work. Check Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

There are a couple of things that you can take the time to test before doing business with a bail bonds agent. You need to know first of all who they are protected by. All credible companies are sponsored by some form of insurance policy. Turning money to the courts on behalf of people is a dangerous affair. There are also innocent people out there, who maybe made one wrong decision. Others out there live their lives as one bad decision after another and most frequently opt not to make a court appearance. It will potentially cost the company a lot of money and they get protection for a reason. When they aren’t covered then you don’t see a professional agent.

One thing the bail bonds agent wants to know about is their licensing. Quick any area that allows anyone to post on your behalf needs some kind of license. You need to know they ‘re really state-licensed to do this form of job. Many of these states require that they undergo a test before they obtain their license. Understanding whether they’re certified or not will give you the idea that what they’re doing is legitimate and you’re getting the help you need, instead of taking out a loan.

A last thing about your bail bonds agent you need to know is that they take collateral. While you may not have the entire amount you need to spring your loved one from prison, you’ll need to have some of it. The usual cost of securing a bond is 10 to 15 per cent of the bond by one of these men. If you don’t have that otherwise you’re going to need someone to work with you. Some of these individuals, including a house, vehicle, real estate, or other valuable property, would take collateral. You are not going to lose your collateral as long as the person keeps all his court dates. If he skips you can lose your home or car so be careful if you take this path.