Axe Throwing Explained


Age is not just a figure-it means that you are able to manage a specific dimension and operate by rules. All participants who throw axes must be the majority age in their own state , province or local municipality. It’s normally 18-21 years old so you’ll learn the nearest axe throwing spot.You may want to check out Twisted Axes Throw House for more.

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If you strike it with steel blades, all goals must be of high quality wood and sprayed with water to allow the axes to hold together. If they are too weak or rough looking, boards need to be repaired.


Before their first match each participant is allowed 5 warm-up throws and one 1 practice throw before any other matches.

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Each participant is granted 10 throws per match, 5 throws on either side of the specified throwing space axe. Following 10 kicks, the game winner is decided by the most percentages. This will be a sudden death in the case of a tie that competitors can chuck away before one receives more money. The top 16 or 75 percent of participants will move on to WATL playoffs where the winner will be determined by playing the best of five matches.


Each game has different goals which can change the way you choose to score points. Point values are always obvious on the targets and are clearly marked. If they aren’t, then your referee (coach) will look after it.


6 The bulls-eye lines

4 Points for Ring Blue

Three points for red ring

2 Punkte for green ring

1 Award for Ring Black

The kill shot will only be used on the match’s tenth and final shoot. Your instructor should have a clock because all teams at the same time have to launch their axes.


The blue balls, also known as the kill shot, earn 10 points but only in tie-breaker moments. Then the blue balls would be without the ring weight they ‘re in.

If the axe is in 2 rings at once, then the points for the higher valued ring are awarded.

Stick and Stay Policy: The axe to count the throw will stay in the goal. When it comes out so a “0” is given to the toss.