A Keurig Coffee Maker Has Many Great Features

There are a great many varieties to choose from when deciding on a coffee machine. There are many shapes, models, and labels available for sale. When you use Keurig cups which are also known as k cups, your choices are more limited. These k cups have recently become a smash hit, and are a single coffee serving. Each pre-packaged cup includes everything required for fast brewing of a great cup of coffee. To brew and enjoy a k cup you’ll want a Keurig coffee maker. view publisher site One of four main machines you can buy for the job. The Keurig b70, the Keuig b60, the b40, and the mini-maker are the most common models. This article will go over for you the various features of Keurig coffee makers ‘ different models.

The smallest maker is the mini plus brawing machine. It can be bought in the colors red, black, or silver. This machine can brew a drink in two minutes or less, and offers a selection of three cup sizes. The maker is very compact and it contains a water reservoir of one use. It offers quiet brewing technology and contains a reservoir of 48 ounces water. There is a removable drip tray, which is also easy to clean, to allow a bigger cup to fit underneath. In small spaces this can be a great choice or you are flying.

Next is the Keurig b40 coffee maker. This machine is larger than that of a mini brewer. Two types of cups are eligible for option. Auto turn off feature and removable drip tray are also available.

The coffee-maker Keurig b60 is up next. With this machine a brew can be done in less than a minute. There is an easily readable, well-lit blue LCD display, and you can also program water temperature with it. Additionally, this unit has the removable tray, and you can choose between three cup sizes. At this maker the water reservoir is 48 ounces. It is possible to utilize an auto turn off energy saving feature. When you forget things, this is great.

The last option is the Keurig b70 coffee-maker. Of the four producers this one is the largest. A reservoir of 60 onces is used. This high-end machine has five cup choices over the other coffee machines, compared with three. It is a fully programmable coffee maker with a large LCD display of the same. There’s also the auto shut off and silent brew equipment. If you are a serious consumer of coffee, then this is your machine. No matter which model you choose, a Keurig coffee maker is a great choice.