Green Takeout Food? Yes You Can Get It!

Takeout food is not only simple, delicious, and sometimes unhealthy for you, but for the community. You may think there’s no way to get a green takeout, but yes, you can get a green takeout, just focus on how you do it and find restaurants that are willing to work on your search with you.

Let ‘s look at the container for the most popular takeout: Styrofoam. The trademark name for polystyrene, or PS, is Styrofoam. It’s the popular morning coffee vessel at your local drive-through all the way from your favourite restaurant to your takeout dinner that evening. Styrofoam contains styrene that can be leached into your food and drink that can damage hormones and is a potential carcinogen. Oh. Good. Add to that the fact that styrene is hard to recycle, it remains forever in your local landfill leaching poison into the ground and hence into your ground water if you place it in your recycling tank.Get additional information at local restaurant Montana.

Look at what all these restaurants offer you for free, after taking into account the containers! Oh … stuff … wow! Free things are fine, huh? Yeah, it’s good sometimes, and not so good sometimes. With that burger, how many napkins do you really need? Do they really think you don’t have your own napkins at home if you are having takeout food that is clearly food you are bringing home?

From chopsticks? Okay, they’re cool, but in my kitchen-clutter cabinet, I used to have a tonne of them because they gave me too many, and let’s face it, a lot of people don’t use chopsticks. In fact, I use my free chopsticks to stir up the small quantities of pasta I cook. But really, almost everything else could be used by me; I just wanted to find a use for them.

Packets of condiments? How much sauce do you need for soy? I now have in my pantry a bag of soy sauce, Chinese mustard and various other packets of condiments just in case I run out of some of those stuff here, which is extremely unlikely!

And what is to be done by a green takeout foodie? Begin by telling them not to give you additional napkins, seasonings, or chopsticks. You may have to remind them more than once, but trust me, they’ll remember you a couple of times after calling in an order. Ask your favourite restaurant if you should bring your own container to take your food home in a more radical move. Some of you might need to speak to persuade them, but it’s worth it.

Another way is to search for restaurants that are eco-friendly. There are many restaurants out there that change their ways and serve take-out foods in 100 % recycled containers and give home utensils made of polylactic corn-based plastic. The Green Restaurants Association is searching online to find eco-friendly restaurants. There is a rising list of eco-friendly restaurants of varying degrees, so check them out.

Finding a green takeout can take some effort on your part, but if you really want to, you can. You can make yourself healthy by doing so, and leave a smaller footprint of carbon behind you.